This March Soul Healn Wellness Center and Destination Elevated will have an open discussion about healthy ways to deal with losing someone close to you through death or separation. We will learn creative ways to process and understand our feelings to help guide us through healing and coping with loss.

March 26th will be the Official Healn the Heart Grief Retreat.

The Healn’ the Heart Self Care Sunday Grief Retreat Features:

● Complimentary Wine and infused water at the start of each session.
● Group Stretching & Activities
● Aromatherapy
● Crystal Healing Workshop
● Self Care Activity Bags to take home
Plus! Every guest leaves with purposeful gifts from our sponsors such as Rose Water, Body Scrubs, Face Masks, Pleasure Products & more!

Can’t make it to Philly? Register for one of our FREE VIRTUAL discussions including:

March 5th @ 1PM EST

  • Identifying What Grief Looks Like for You
  • How Can You Practice Self Care While Grieving

Special Guest: Kishna Celce of Soul Healn Wellness Center, Trauma Informed Life Coach

March 12th @ 1PM EST

  • Death Doulas: How Can They Prepare You and Your Loved Ones for Loss?
  • How to Deal with Grief while being a Caretaker

Special Guest: Michele Wilder-Thornhill of Legacy and Hope, End of Life Doula + Grief Support

March 19th @ 1PM EST

  • How Grief Affects our Partners, Libido, and the permission we give ourselves to feel pleasure
  • Death and Artificial Intelligence. Can it work for you?

Special Guests: Nikk of Erotic Boudoir and Pleasure Coach BDEmoves

RSVP Now to get first access to our FREE VIRTUAL LIVE Discussions.

Sponsored in Part by:


About the Wellness Instructors.

Nia-Dayo is a licensed Behavioral Specialist, and licensed Master Social Worker. With 20 years plus of helping children and families in the social service field, my carrier focus has been on Out-Patient Counseling for Children, Adults and Families assisting them to reach their therapeutic goals , effective communication skills for relationship building , while utilizing evidence based treatments.

Kishna is certified as a Trauma & Resiliency Coach, Trauma Support Specialist, Clinically Trained Trauma Coach, Parenting & Relationship specialist, Domestic Abuse Advocate, and youth development specialist. Nervous system regulation and emotional development are the main focus of all of Kishna’s services, with the goal of guiding individuals into a soul rest.

Tati specializes in Stretching and is often referred to as “EM” in her classes. She started her stretch classes over a year ago after realizing there are so many people who don’t take the time to enjoy the benefits of stretching. Tati hopes to help others through stretch and movement and to provide an environment where people can ease their mind and feel free.

Commitment to Inclusivity.

In partnership with Destination Elevated, Soul Healn Wellness Center is committed to providing a safe space for community to gather and heal no matter your religious affiliation, sexual orientation, or gender identity. All activities are available to BIPOC + Latinx, woman-identifying and or non-binary individuals.

This event is in partnership between Destination Elevated and Soul Healn Wellness Center.

Destination Elevated is committed to identifying and curating safer spaces for the BIPOC, Latinx, and LGBTQ Communities.

Soul Healn Wellness Center is the ONLY black owned trauma informed wellness studio. They provide group sessions and one on one sessions for stretching, breath-work, sound healing, fitness, parenting, and relationships.


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