This March Soul Healn Wellness Center and Destination Elevated will have an open discussion about healthy ways to deal with losing someone close to you through death or separation. We will learn creative ways to process and understand our feelings to help guide us through healing and coping with loss. March 26th will be the Official HealnContinue reading “HEALIN’ THE HEART: GRIEF RETREAT IN PHILADELPHIA”

A Woke Jawn’s Guide to Winning a Wet T-Shirt Contest.

WARNING: “Tiddy” “Tittay” and “Tittie” are used interchangeably throughout this text. The first time I had seen anything close to a Wet T-Shirt contest was on a late night Girls Gone Wild commercial. I was about 14 years old and still learning about my place in society as a woman. The women on TV seemedContinue reading “A Woke Jawn’s Guide to Winning a Wet T-Shirt Contest.”