This March Soul Healn Wellness Center and Destination Elevated will have an open discussion about healthy ways to deal with losing someone close to you through death or separation. We will learn creative ways to process and understand our feelings to help guide us through healing and coping with loss. March 26th will be the Official HealnContinue reading “HEALIN’ THE HEART: GRIEF RETREAT IN PHILADELPHIA”

DJ Honey Announced as Official DJ for Love Thy Self Event for Women in Philly.

Philadelphia, PA. Love Thy Self Weekend presents DJ Honey on Saturday, May 21st from 3-6PM to turn up the love and energy on site! Come vibe with us for a donation of your choice while you browse the vendors, enjoy mock/cocktails and build new connections. Joining us virtually? You can still “Party with Honey” in our virtual partyContinue reading “DJ Honey Announced as Official DJ for Love Thy Self Event for Women in Philly.”

Community or Impunity? Oppressors in Queers-Clothing.

As most BIPOC people are aware, systematic discrimination continues to be a part of the very black, brown, and rainbow fabric of—wait for it—the LGBTQ community.  Racism and transphobia in the queer community?! Oh my! said no one. There’s no question the Trump era has exposed under-and-overlying bigotry or at least the undeniable apathy towardsContinue reading “Community or Impunity? Oppressors in Queers-Clothing.”

Why WAP Makes ’em Mad.

TRIGGER WARNING: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE REFERENCES We live in a world where girls and women are still not safe—especially in their homes. Indeed, Tracy Chapman’s famous song, Behind The Wall, tells an all too familiar narrative of what happens when neighbors are long-term witnesses to domestic violence.  True, the neighbors in Tracy’s song, like everywhere elseContinue reading “Why WAP Makes ’em Mad.”

#SelfLove, Its A Mental Flex.

How much do you love yourself? Such a simple question yet one we all have struggled with from time to time. Now that “self love” and “self care” have almost, and by almost I mean most definitely, become buzz words in many of our social circles, it is now far too easy to merely glossContinue reading “#SelfLove, Its A Mental Flex.”

No You Can’t Sit With Us. A Dick-head’ s Guide to not Entering Space You Weren’t Invited Into.

It happens every day. Womxn everywhere put themselves at risk during breakfasts, brunches, evening cocktails, and well—fuck it lunch-hour pick-me-ups. The crime? Unwanted figures who seem to abide by the famous “This table is half-empty” philosophy. The culprit? Vacant seats at your table that unbeknownst to us are silently screaming: “Please interrupt me and myContinue reading “No You Can’t Sit With Us. A Dick-head’ s Guide to not Entering Space You Weren’t Invited Into.”


When I’m invited to deliver a keynote speech, one of my first steps is reading Maya Angelou quotes. I’m not quite sure when that started but it is now very much a part of my current creative process.  My reading choices have always been non-fiction and educational texts. Honestly, I was introduced to Maya Angelou’sContinue reading “LORD, GRANT ME THE CONFIDENCE OF A MEDIOCRE WHITE MAN.”