A Woke Jawn’s Guide to Winning a Wet T-Shirt Contest.

WARNING: “Tiddy” “Tittay” and “Tittie” are used interchangeably throughout this text. The first time I had seen anything close to a Wet T-Shirt contest was on a late night Girls Gone Wild commercial. I was about 14 years old and still learning about my place in society as a woman. The women on TV seemedContinue reading “A Woke Jawn’s Guide to Winning a Wet T-Shirt Contest.”

Community or Impunity? Oppressors in Queers-Clothing.

As most BIPOC people are aware, systematic discrimination continues to be a part of the very black, brown, and rainbow fabric of—wait for it—the LGBTQ community.  Racism and transphobia in the queer community?! Oh my! said no one. There’s no question the Trump era has exposed under-and-overlying bigotry or at least the undeniable apathy towardsContinue reading “Community or Impunity? Oppressors in Queers-Clothing.”

These Yummy Drag Kings are Sharing their “Brotherly Love.”

Ring in Spring with the kings! On March 20, Brotherly Love: An All-King Revue takes you on an hour long royal tour through Philadelphia and Puerto Rico. With doors at 7:45 pm pm EST and show from 8-9, join our hostess Yarï on Zoom as she features some of the finest fellas and non-binary artistsContinue reading “These Yummy Drag Kings are Sharing their “Brotherly Love.””

Connected For The Culture: How QT Black Creators Build Through The Pandemic.

Q/T Black Creators Are the Blueprint. Culture, music and aesthetics influence queer scenes, film and nightlife around the world. While the world loves Black culture, we know the fight for Black liberation and justice for our people is a daily struggle. Black creatives are visionaries who build spaces that provide Black communities an escape, aContinue reading “Connected For The Culture: How QT Black Creators Build Through The Pandemic.”

For the Love of Cannabis (and Womxn).

Get your tix Now! For the Love of Cannabis! A no-pressure, fun and insightful online social experience. Bring your anxiety. Bring the awkward convo. Bring the smoke. We’re here for it! Roll up. It’s date night! Activities Include: Speed Dating/Friending, Cannabis Trivia, Games & Prizes from our LGBTQ + Womxn Owned Sponsors, Group Dating Discussions,Continue reading “For the Love of Cannabis (and Womxn).”

The 2021 Mistress Calendar Launch Party this Halloween!

When kinky meets phreaky! Fem Dom Philadelphia & Lezcronymz Productions presents the Mistress Calendar 2021 Launch + Kinky Costume Soiree! Come mingle with some of Philaldelphia’s bad-ass, Pro & Lifestyle dommes and get a taste—maybe your first—of what the kink community is all about. Don’t worry we only bite with your consent. Meet & Take Photos w/ the sexyContinue reading “The 2021 Mistress Calendar Launch Party this Halloween!”

Pull-Up to Black Cannabis Week.

FREE EVENT. Edible Podcast is proud to be a Media Sponsor for Black Cannabis Week! Wednesday, September 23rd, come learn, heal, and grow with us for We On Wellness! A day devoted to education, entertainment, and creativity in cannabis! In our Black communities, we need to continually examine our mind/body/spirit balance: What are we consuming?Continue reading “Pull-Up to Black Cannabis Week.”