These Yummy Drag Kings are Sharing their “Brotherly Love.”

Ring in Spring with the kings! On March 20, Brotherly Love: An All-King Revue takes you on an hour long royal tour through Philadelphia and Puerto Rico. With doors at 7:45 pm pm EST and show from 8-9, join our hostess Yarï on Zoom as she features some of the finest fellas and non-binary artists currently creating drag video art for the enjoyment of audiences everywhere.

The Zoom stream will be recorded and available for purchase to watch at a later date. Whether live or recorded, our royalty rules!

Featured artists include…

Mo Betta

Henlo Bullfrog

Sandro Martin De La Fuente

Gavin Danger

Rasta Boi Punany

Hannibal Lickher

Deej Nutz

Fulano De Tal

…And hosted by Yarï

Snuggle close to your person, pet or popcorn and let the heat of our Brotherly Love warm you from the inside out!

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