Role Play: LGBTQ Actor Keishia “Real”Gordon on Edible Podcast.

This Wednesday we get a taste of “CJ” from Taste ATL: The Series! Join us for Role Play on @Lezcronymz’s Edible Podcast as we get to know actor & musician Keishia “Real” Gordon (@realgotvibes)! Reak plays the “fine ass stem” CJ on the new series that celebrates Queer Womxn of Color. Like most pretty studs she finds herself at the center of attention and drama—that she can’t always charm her way out of. Come find out if CJ is your new flavor!

Showtime: Wednesday, March 10, 2021 @7PM ET

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Check out “Stuck in My Ways” by Real NOW!

Get ready! “The Truth Comes Out @ Nite” premieres this Friday March 12th @ 7PM EST ONLY on IGTV! Will there be more Hookups or Heartaches? And is CJ getting a “taste” of her usual “playa” medicine? You have to watch your new favorite addiction to see! 

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