Womxn of Color in TV History: QWOC Writer & Director Lyshae Rollins.

Lyshae Rollins (she/her) is a multi-faceted entertainer and producer paving the way for QWOC in TV! Originally from the South side of Chicago, she is a powerhouse of talent. Music artist, writer, producer, and CEO of Rollins Mediaverse are just a few of the many hats she wears. Rollins latest production Taste ATL: The Series was inspired from her early days on the Atlanta LGBTQ scene where she currently resides. You can watch Episode One: Welcome to Atlanna now on IGTV.

Lezcronymz sat down with Rollins to to get to the bottom of what really drives her creativity. Like to hear it? Here it go!

Lezcronymz: What are you most passionate about?

Rollins: “I am passionate about creating, recreating and working with like minds to carryout our intentions. Being nice to people. Seeing my people win. Bringing to light underrepresented people and life situations.”

Lezcronymz: What career endeavors or projects are you most proud of? 

Rollins: “I’m most proud of Taste ATL: The series and the many hats I’ve worn during that process. Also proud of the amazing people I have met in my creative journey. I will always be proud of my first ever EP, Year of the Rooster. Writing songs for some of my fave R&B artists growing up, (Case, Slim-112).”

Lezcronymz: What was a critical turning point in your life that led you to where you are now? 

Rollins: “A critical turning point for me was moving from New York city to Atlanta. It was a scary and extreme change of pace. I was beyond inspired by the afro centricity and self-made entrepreneurship in the air. Immediately I tapped into the creative world in the Atlanta music scene. I also got a “real” job, a car, house, started adulting, etc.. Another turning point was expanding from music to film after shooting my first music video for my song, Twerk. I’d hired a team to pull it together but the director actually left set and the videographer wasn’t familiar with the concept. This meant it was all on me to ensure we got the shots we needed for our treatment. I was unknowingly thrown into this “director” role and I had no clue what I was doing but I loved the thrill and really saw my creativity come alive in a completely different way. Even though I started that process as the music artist, the events sparked an interest for storytelling thru film.”

Lezcronymz: What are your career goals?

Rollins: “Releasing my next music project, Fxmme and I have 2 feature films I’m currently developing, those are short term goals. Opening a Performing Arts Center. I’d love to work in a writer’s room for a major TV show.”

Lezcronymz: Are there any causes or organizations you’re passionate about? 

Rollins: “I am most passionate about youth in the creative arts. I set out on a creative journey early in life after graduating HS and moving to NY alone at sixteen. Often times I felt lost and without guidance as to how to have a creative career. The path for other “normal” careers was very clearly defined with tons of resources given to people who followed that path. For me, it wasn’t as easy to navigate and even when I found my footing there was still so much on the business side that I had to learn through trial and error. My mission is to facilitate creative career development of young artists through the Rollins Performing Arts Center – a current development with my wife, Jermita Rollins – award winning Dance Company director.”

Words to live by: “Whatever you do, do it with your whole ass.”

Watch the Lyshae Rollins interview with Lezcronymz on Play Out NYC.

Who are your favorite Womxn of Color in TV History? Taste ATL: The Series  is celebrating the womxn who have influenced us through television and media for Womxn’s History Month!  We’ll be asking the cast who their faves are too! Let’s #breakthescreen and show off the magically melanated womxn who paved the way and continue to for Womxn of Color!

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