For The Love of Cannabis Ticketholders Get a Sneak Peek of Taste ATL: The Series.

Lezcronymz Productions is partnering with Rollins Mediaverse to bring you a SNEAK PEEK of Taste ATL: The Series! A dynamic QWOC friend circle living in Atlanta, Georgia. This colorful series brings to light and challenges lgbtq relationship stereotypes to provide a new spectrum and healthy insight into the exploration of sexuality.

For womxn who are new to the LGBTQ “Scene” you’ll identify with the new “Lesbian” in town who is dying to get a taste of what she’s been missing out on…or is she moving too fast?

For womxn who have been in the game— you’ll be entertained by the archetypal depictions of Queer Womxn that we’re all too familiar with. You’re also sure to find a reflection of yourself in one of the characters—who are fine as hell might I add!

An added bonus: You’ll catch plenty Lezcronymz Designs making cameos in the series including: “Dope Boi,” “Pussy, Money, Weed, “Femme Zaddy” and more! 

To get front-row tickets to Taste ATL: The Series Sneak Peek join our event For the Love of Cannabis happening on Feb. 20th @ 7PM ET. The Sneak Peek will follow an evening of games, conversation, and speed-dating/friending.

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