Pull-Up to Black Cannabis Week.

woman wearing brown cardigan

FREE EVENT. Edible Podcast is proud to be a Media Sponsor for Black Cannabis Week! Wednesday, September 23rd, come learn, heal, and grow with us for We On Wellness! A day devoted to education, entertainment, and creativity in cannabis!

In our Black communities, we need to continually examine our mind/body/spirit balance:

What are we consuming? How are we maintaining our precious vessels? What are we creating for the future? What generational traumas do we get the opportunity to heal from at this moment.

Plant medicine brings us together, makes us love on each other, and helps us to take just a little more time to receive joy and emerge as our best selves.—To Join Us, Register here.

We On Wellness Schedule

Use Password: cannabisismedicine to gain access!

11:00 AM

We on Wellness Welcome

11:15 AM

Method of Consumption (MOC) 1: Vaping Flower with PAX

11:30 AM

Edible Podcast Comedy Spotlight: Finessica

11:45 AM

Watch Party: Dr. Rachel Knox’s TEDTalk ‘The endocannabinoid system and the revolution of one.’

12:00 PM

Live TalkBack with Dr. Rachel Knox

12:15 PM

Canna-Conscious Cooking for Wellness with Chef Vic of DCTastebuds Pt. 1 Infused Food Science

1:30 PM

MOC 2 : DIY Tinctures with Ardent

2:00 PM

CBD + Me. with Calan Ma’lyn

2:30 PM

Topical Talk with Jayn Green (Jayn Green Beauty) and Ora Witherspoon of (Hemp Hands)

3:30 PM

Watch Party: Pains and Joys of a Pediatric MMJ Parent

4:00 PM

Live Talkback: Pains and Joys of a Pediatric MMJ Parent

4:45 PM

MOC 4: Dabbing Concentrates with Sammi of Sunflower Spacecakes

5:30 PM

Cannabis Caregiving as #Community Care Discussion with Jason Waunita and Paury of Soulful Cannabis

6:15 PM

Canna-Conscious Cooking for Wellness with Chef Vic of DCTastebuds Pt. 2 Microdosing and Meal Planning

7:00 PM

Why This Nurse Believes Cannabis Can Be The Answer to Healing Urban Trauma with Kebra Smith-Bolden of CannaHealth

8:15 PM

CannaMomOG Sesh n Chat with TylerTherapy

8:30 PM

Puff n Paint Night with DeartistKey of DeartistKey Creations


Comedian “Finessica” from Philly!
Follow Finessica on IG!

Comedian “Finessica” from Philly will be joining the We On Wellness mid-day entertainment lineup! Hop-In at 11:30AM ET on Sept. 23rd for a comedy break! More entertainers to come!

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