Black is the New Boudoir.

It’s time to strip. It’s time to unravel, layer by layer, hundreds of years of institutionalized self-scrutiny, perverse concepts of one’s physical self, and the idea that we as people of color (POC) should strive to maintain our “decency” by way of not celebrating or exposing our bodies. Historically, POC have been hyper-sexualized in mainstream media in a way that renders many of us overwhelmingly cognizant of our sexuality and others’ perception of it. As a means to counter the negative perception of POC who embrace their sexuality, Sexuality & POC organizations, movements, and educational platforms are on the rise. In the visual arts world, a purposeful and—might I add–beautiful transition is taking place. Representation of POC is on the ascent and Cashmere Harper a.k.a “The Moment Catcher” of Ebony Lenses Photography is here to, well, capture it.  Read More.

Published by Fame Neal

Fame Neal is the Founder of Lezcronymz Productions, an LGBTQ, Womxns event curator and media source. Pro-Sex Work, Pro-Cannabis, & Pro-Pleasure. Master of corporate meets queer.

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